Basic Gardening Information

Anna, a student in Vermont shared a collection of gardening-related links with us.   These are some we thought might be interesting to members and their families.  Thank  you, Anna.  

Planning a vegetable garden

Perennial gardening

Using color in flower gardens

Caring for the soil

Landscape planning

Deer Resistant Plants
The City of Ann Arbor Community Services has provided some valuable information about deer resistant plants. The article includes a link to a list of suggested plants.  Click here for the article.  

Dr. Roberts' Glyphosate Articles
Dr. Roberts, our November 2017 speaker, has written two articles related to herbicide damage on landscape plants.  They are attached below.   

Garden Club Community Grants
Grants are awarded annually.  Applications must be submitted by April 1st.   Past grants have been awarded for projects such as establishing the vegetable garden at the Senior Center or helping to fund the early education gardening program at Generations Together.  We encourage teachers or local organizations with a gardening project which may be beginning or expanding to apply for a grant.  The application is attached below.

Herbal Information
A list of websites with information on herbs, provided by herb expert Madolyn Kaminski, is attached below.

History of the Dexter Garden Club
The history of the Dexter Garden Club is described in the article attached below. 

Native Plant Finder
The native plant finder website helps you find the best native plants for your specific area that attract butterflies and moths and the birds that feed on their caterpillars.  Enter your zip code at the top right under "location" and search for the best native plants for your area.  
Nature and Nurture Seeds 
Erica Kempter from Nature and Nurture Seeds spoke at our Dexter Garden Club meeting in 2018.  The farm introduces new seed varieties each year, including many that are certified organic.  You can see their catalog at  You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter at their site.

Peony Information
Information on pruning peonies and available peony varieties, provided by Peony Heaven, is attached below.
Plant Selection Process
Pointers on selecting plants for new gardens are attached below

Tom Rumple Dahlia Information
Instructions for growing, digging, and storing dahlias, provided by Tom Rumple of Valentine Gardens, is attached below.  

Link To Botanical Interests Coloring Book
Need a relaxing activity?  Print one of these pages, get out your colored pencils, turn on some music, embrace your sense of color and enjoy!  

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