The Dexter Garden Club is pleased to contribute to our community in several ways

Green Thumbs Preschool Program
For the past 10 years, members of the Dexter Garden Club have conducted a monthly program at Jenkins Early Childhood Center in Dexter.  Using hands-on activities, the program introduces 4 and 5-year-olds to the importance of plants in our environment and what is required to grow them.  The 2019 Green Thumbs graduating class is pictured here.

College Scholarships
Each year the Dexter Garden Club awards a college scholarship to one or more Dexter High School senior who plans to major in a field that is related to horticulture, agriculture, or the environment.  Applications are available in the high school counselor's office in the spring.

Two scholarships were awarded in 2020.  The first one went to Luke Moss, who plans to major in Agribusiness.  The second scholarship was awarded to Abbey VanSIckle.  Abbey plans to major in Environmental Science and Plant Biology.  Both winners will be attending Michigan State University.  

The 2019 Scholarship winner was Nicole France.  Nicole plans to major in Environmental Engineering.  The 2018 winner was Andrew Golini, who plans to study Applied Biology.  Andrew's scholarship was awarded by Garden Club member Joan Lansdell at the DHS Honors Convocation, pictured below.

Community Grants
The Dexter Garden Club awards grants to organizations that are involved in horticultural education or therapy and to organizations that undertake horticultural projects that benefit the community.  In 2020 a grant was given to the Dexter Senior Center to have the yard behind the  building mowed to provide a place for the seniors to meet outdoors.  Other grants have supported a garden at the women's prison and a community garden that grows produce that is donated to a food bank.  The grant application is available on the "Resources" page.  

Gardens in Dexter
Dexter Garden Club members plant and maintain three gardens in the City of Dexter - the clocktower garden, the flagpole garden in Monument Park, and the garden at the entrance to the library.   Members also decorate the clocktower garden in fall and winter.

Not discouraged by the pandemic, dedicated members planted the gardens in 2020

In 2018 and 2019 flowers were donated by Hilltop Greenhouse and Farms.  

Some of the clocktower holiday decorations designed and provided by members

Library Donations
Each year the Dexter Garden Club pays for the Dexter Library's subscriptions to gardening and horticultural magazines as well as several gardening and horticultural books.  The library and the club are always open to suggestions for new books that could be purchased for the library.  

Dexter Green Day and Plant Sale
Members of the Dexter Garden Club work throughout the year to organize Dexter Green Day and Plant Sale.  This event has been held annually for over 20 years.  It provides an opportunity for members of the community to interact with organizations that support horticulture in the area.  Funds raised at this event are used to support the projects described here as well as for the education of club members and community members.