2017 - 2018 Programs

Please join the Dexter Garden Club for a year of learning, friendship, and serving the community.

September 12   Chinese Plant Exchange

October 10        Heirloom Seed Saving - Why and How-to
                           Presented by Erica Kempter, Nature & Nurture Seeds

November 14    Herbicides:  Dangers of Enhanced Glyphosate Products
Presented by Dr. David L Roberts, Michigan State University.
Note:  The November meeting will be held at the Dexter Library.  The public is welcome.   

December 1       Trip to Kellogg Manor and Gilmore Car Museum
January 9          Presenter - David C. Michener
                           David is associate curator at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical                               Gardens and Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, where he is overseeing the                                   rejuvenation of the Peony Garden, the largest public collection of historic                                   herbaceous peonies in North America. 

                           David has written a book titled Peony: The Best Varieties for your Garden with                            Carol A. Adelman, who with her husband owns and operates Adelman Peony                            Gardens near Salem, Oregon, where they grow 484 varieties of peonies.  The                            book will be published by Timber Press and will be available in December of                               this year.  www.timberpress.com/books/9781604695205 
February 13      Landscape Design:  Ecologically sound design choices homeowners can                            install, enjoy, and age in place with
                           Presented by Fred Knight
                           Fred is a horticulturalist and licensed builder who has a passion for gardening                            and strong attention to detail.  he joined K.C. Runciman Lanscape in 2010.                                www.kcrunciman.com
March 13           Spring Treasures of Washtenaw County:  Wildflowers, Butterflies,                                       Birds and More
                           Presented by Faye Stoner, Retired Washtenaw County Field Operations                                   Naturalist
April 10             An Artist's Presentation of Traditional Botanical and Nature Artwork 
                          Presented by Carol Creech, Member of American Society of Botanical Artists                              and Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, and owner of CCreech Studio in Ann                           Arbor
May 8                Container Planting for Members
May 19              Plant Sale
June 12             Plant Sale Review & Elections

June ?               Member Potluck

For more information on any of these programs, contact Joan Lansdell, 734-417-8576  
















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Annual Food Drive

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