2021 - 2022 Programs

Join us for a year of learning, friendship, and serving the community. Meetings are open to members and non-members

September 14 Workshop - Floret Farms Style Floral Arrangements with Garden Blooms, Natives, and found greens

October 12 Plant Auction

November 9 Gardens of North America

Julia Hofley, contributor to Fine Gardening and other gardening magazines

December 14 Workshop - Greens Arrangements

January 11 Rainbow Peace Garden

Carol Coulson, Master Gardener and winner of the 2020 Master Gardener Idea Bed Design Contest

February 8 Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

Lee Burton, Crossroads Sierra Club leader and birding enthusiast

March 8 TBD

April 12 TBD

May 10 TBD

May 14 Plant Sale and Dexter Green Day

June 14 Plant sale review

For more information on any of these programs, contact Carol Kelly, carolkelly6950@gmail.com